Strategic Planning (In-house Course)

Strategic Planning (In-house Course)

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Course Description

This workshop offers a framework for deciding a strategic direction and identifying short-term and long-term goals. The program begins with an assessment of the organization’s current state and continues with a discussion about the data points by which performance can be monitored and measured. Next, the course looks at the organization’s current mission, vision, and values and the extent to which each is relevant to the daily work of most employees. Following that exercise, the group will make any necessary modifications to its mission, vision, and values, in order to ensure a clear line of sight between daily tasks and the organization’s strategic direction.

Course Modules:
• Assessing the Present: Understanding Current Conditions
• Taking Measures: Data Points and Choosing What’s Important to Monitor
• Confirming Mission, Vision, and Values: Deciding True North
• From Here to There: Creating the Plan
• What If?: Scenario Planning
• What’s Next: Confirming the Plan and Ensuring Effective Execution By the conclusion of this strategic planning course, participants should have an understanding of the strategic-planning process and a draft of a strategic plan. They should also know the steps that must happen for a plan’s successful execution and the systems available to monitor progress.

Who should attend?
This training is suitable for all top-level management staff within your organisation.

Class Size Requirement
There is a minimum requirement of five (5) persons per class for our in-house courses.

Further Enquiries
For further enquiries please contact our learning advisors by calling +234 1 293 1980 or email and we promise to respond in less than 24 hours.

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