Lean Six Sigma Training – Green Belt (In-house Course)

Lean Six Sigma Training – Green Belt (In-house Course)

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Course Description

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology and toolkit that can drastically improve your business performance and processes. Whether you are in manufacturing or services, Lean Six Sigma can help you to eliminate waste, reduce defects, increase quality and improve your profitability by focusing on process areas that add value. This hands-on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course provides a through working understanding of the Define Measure Analyse Improve and Control (DMAIC) model which is the foundation for Six Sigma projects. Delegates leave our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course with the knowledge required to identify, scope and run effective Six Sigma projects that drive continuous improvement for your organisation.

Learning Outcome:
By the end of the full two-day training course, the participants will be able to:
• Add business and analytical skills to their individual’s competencies
• Learn how to effectively manage process activities and boosts performance
• Solve business and quality problems
• Improve their decision making capabilities
• Contribute to the overall performance of the enterprise
• Improves their workflow and processes
• Give the organization a competitive edge
• Save the organization cost
• Remove all sorts of waste from their processes
• Run all projects in a standardized way following the same process – DMAIC
• Increase customer satisfaction.
• Increase customer loyalty.
• Improve organizational bottom line.
• Fosters better partnerships with stakeholders.
• Stand you out amongst contemporaries
• Improve their self confidence
• Improve their ability to speak with facts and data

Learning Objective:
• Understanding of the concepts, implementation & objectives of Six Sigma
• Ability to use a structured approach to process improvement
• Ability to use DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Implement and Control) methodology
• Skill to predict, prevent and control defects in a process
• Understanding of the elements of waste
• Skill to achieve sustainable quality improvement through process improvement
• Understanding of the tools of process discovery
• Understanding of variation in processes
• Skill to reduce variation in processes and achieve predicted outcomes
• Ability to identify, measure and analyse process potential
• Usage of inferential statistics
• Usage of hypothesis testing
• Understanding when to use which Six Sigma methodology
• Ability to use Capability Analysis to control processes
• Knowledge of the interdependence of Lean tools
• Skill to prevent, identify and control defects
• Understanding and use of statistical process control
• Skill to train, document, monitor, respond, and align systems
• Skill to provide sustainable and cost-effective improvement in processes

Who should attend?
This program is for Quality Analysts, Process Improvement Experts, Program Managers, Project Leaders, Project Managers, Business Analyst, Internal consultants, and others who want to learn the Six Sigma methodology and apply it to make breakthrough improvements in performance in their organization.

Class Size Requirement
There is a minimum requirement of five (5) persons per class for our in-house courses.

Further Enquiries
For further enquiries please contact our learning advisors by calling +234 1 293 1980 or email info@pedagogue100.com and we promise to respond in less than 24 hours.

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