Interpersonal Skills (Offline Course)

Interpersonal Skills (Offline Course)

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Course Description

This course gives participants an understanding of the factors that contribute to
effective communication in a variety of contexts and situations. It provides a
foundation and skills for dynamic interpersonal relationships, especially within a
workplace environment.

Learning Outcomes:
• Understand the types and impact of interpersonal relationships.
• Develop interpersonal skills for personal and team effectiveness.
• Manage emotions of self and others for positive relationship.
• Build positive interpersonal communication skills.
• Improve non-verbal communication to read others easily and accurately.
• Work with people whose personalities and communication styles are
different from you.
• Increase your people power to connect and rapport with people effortlessly.
• Deliver criticism and solve conflict in a constructive manner.
• Handle diverse and difficult people with less stress and more understanding.
• Identify and eliminate interpersonal habits in your personal action plan.

Course Modules:
– Types and impact of interpersonal relationships
– Self-awareness
– Effective communication styles to manage workforce diversity
– Establishing positive workplace interpersonal communication for rapport building
– Working through conflict and managing difficult people

Who should attend?
Individuals who want to enhance their performance by improving their working



APRIL 15-16

JULY 24-25



APRIL 29-30


MAY 15-16

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