Business Etiquette (In-house Course)

Business Etiquette (In-house Course)

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Course Description

Business etiquette training course will improve your staff’s understanding of exactly what professional etiquette is, and with some customisation, introduce them to the expected levels of etiquette in your organisation. As participants, your staff will learn how to conduct themselves more professionally, communicate more effectively and acquire the tools to create that all important first impression.

Course Modules:
• What are manners and why do they matter?
• What is etiquette?
• Components of business etiquette
• The Case for Business Etiquette
• Impressions
• The Hand Shake, Polite Conversation, Personal Style
• “Netiquette” – etiquette on the Internet
• Email Etiquette
• Social Media Etiquette
• Global Business Etiquette
• Social Business Etiquette
• Dining Etiquette
• Dealing with Challenges Professionally
• Personal Etiquette
• Common Ethical Dilemmas

Who should attend?
Business professionals and team members of all level, personnel officers, public relations professionals, event’s organizers, personal assistants, employees in the hospitality business and all those whose position requires dealing and interacting with important persons in both government and private sectors.

Class Size Requirement
There is a minimum requirement of five (5) persons per class for our in-house courses.

Further Enquiries
For further enquiries please contact our learning advisors by calling +234 1 293 1980 or email and we promise to respond in less than 24 hours.

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