Corporate Retreat Solutions

Pedagogue also possesses experience in designing and facilitating corporate retreats for teams or individuals in organizations. Often these take place in exotic and comfortable locations away from the normal workplace. We can find you the ideal retreat venue – quiet, remote, or luxurious.
Each retreat is individually designed in conjunction with you and is flexible enough to respond to issues as they arise. We produce lots of flip charts and the whole team is involved in analysis, creativity and action planning.
We partner with you in the following ways to support your retreat agenda:

  • Team Building events designed to complement your retreat theme.
  • Corporate Training workshops focused on professional development topics including leadership, teamwork and personality type assessment.
  • Facilitation of all or part of your multi-day company retreat blending business conversations with corporate training workshops and teambuilding events.

What We Offer

Continuous Content Development

We offer top notch continuous content development, with professional expert faculty to deliver up-to-date content for a rich learning experience.

Great User Experience

We offer great user experience, & also designed a blend of multimedia content, and learning support resources to increase knowledge and develop skills.


We offer a great customer service experience. We are always on hand to answer any questions, offer advice and to support you through every training experience.